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J.A. Pipes is a self-proclaimed politics junkie, anarchist podcaster and blogger. He has traveled the world from Uluru to Istanbul. He has dug up dinosaurs in the badlands of Montana. He served in the United States Marine Corps during Desert Storm. He holds degrees in

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Testimonials from Readers

I finished [All Lesser Means] yesterday. I read almost the whole thing in one sitting ... I liked the story quite a bit - I'm a sucker for a good time travel story.

Kathy M

[In What About The Roads,] I felt I was reading the new Thomas Paine. J.A. Pipes sounds like Paine, Chomsky and Peter Maurin in one modern day pamphlet. His words remind us that the government of the founders no longer exists ... Clearly, an important read before the next election and one that should be reflected on by anyone involved in the political process from voter to politician.

Robert C

I love the story [in All Lesser Means] and your writing technique overall. This one kept me at one-book-at-a-time.

Beth C

The plot [of All Lesser Means] hooked me from the beginning and the pace built steadily to a very satisfying denouement that leaves the reader poised for what happens next!

Amazon Customer

Very interesting read - [All Lesser Means] catches your attention from the beginning - it also makes one think about the possibilities the future may hold.