As someone who started podcasting in 2011, it’s hard for me to say whether podcasting has already peaked, or if it is now enjoying a golden age, as some have said. The popularity of NPR’s Serial podcast has certainly given the entire industry a shot-in-the-arm, but I’m still wondering if this rising tide is actually lifting all boats or not. But while I contemplate that, let’s turn our attention for a moment to a new podcast for writers called Coffee and Catastrophe. As of this writing, they have only produced ten episodes, but the content is definitely good and their audience is growing. Co-hosts D.A. Bale and William Brian Johnson spend each episode delving into issues that writers (especially self-published writers) can relate to. As someone new to self-publishing myself, I have certainly learned a thing or two. If you are into podcasts, and you have an interest in writing, give them a try.

Podcast for Writers
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