What does it mean for a writer to fail?  It could mean several things.  It might mean a simple failure to communicate.  The words become garbled, or overly-complicated, and the reader fails to understand, or worse, receives a completely different message than the one that was intended.

It could mean that the writing was good, spelling and grammar were all up to snuff, but the writer failed to elicit any sort of emotional response from the reader.  It could also mean that the writer failed to inject any part of himself/herself into the process leaving a page full of words completely devoid of any soul that the reader could connect with.

What it should never mean is that the writer failed to put pen to paper, and did not create anything.  This is perhaps the worst defeat of all.  The month started off great – and this is not the first time I’ve taken on this perennial challenge to write something on my blog every day for the month of June – but for whatever reason, the well ran dry halfway through.  I could compile a list of excuses, but I won’t bother.  As they say, a writer writes, right?

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