I wasn’t sure if this was an important question to answer or not.  But as I transition from the writing phase to the editing and promotion phase for book one (and, yes, I’ve resigned myself to the reality that there will be more than one), I find myself talking to more and more people, recruiting beta-readers, and trying to answer the inevitable question, “what’s it about?”

For this particular story, that is not an easy question to answer, unfortunately. But it would certainly help if I could start my answer by categorizing the book into a familiar genre. I’m afraid I can’t even do that very well. Is Political Science Fiction (or #PoliSciFi as my friend Scott called it last night) a well-known genre?  I think not.

The biggest question I have now is does it make sense to embrace a subgenre that few people have heard of? I’m not sure. When it comes to marketing, it seems there could be pros and cons to that approach. A well-defined target audience, but an admittedly small target audience. And where do PoliSciFi nerds hang out, anyway?

What’s My Genre?
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