If you’re like me, your social media is full of people celebrating the end of the annus horribilis known as 2016. Apart from what certainly seemed to be an inordinate number of celebrity deaths last year (Prince being the biggest loss for me, personally), and a presidential election that obviously caused a great deal of distress (except for those of us who were already living in a post-binary political world), I just have to shrug and say 2016 wasn’t actually that bad. I’m not one to make new year resolutions, but I did resolve to be a better writer in 2016 and I think I accomplished that goal. Beyond the finishing, editing, and publishing of my first novel, I also managed to keep up some other writing habits throughout the year (and I may cover those in a future post), so I’m very happy with how 2016 turned out.

In 2017, I hope to make some measurable progress on a sequel to All Lesser Means. I won’t embarrass myself by making any predictions, but my intent is to complete theĀ outline and a significant start on the first draft this year. I may even share some of that here. Stay tuned.

But today I just want to wish my readers a happy new year in 2017. Try not to focus on the negative – as there will be plenty of it. Set a goal (no matter how small), achieve it, and celebrate your success. Repeat.

Happy New Year!
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